About Jodi

“My mission: To help you breakthrough limitations, achieve your goals, get significant results and live your dreams.”


Jodi Weitz has been involved in healing for over 25 years.  As a coach, acupuncturist, and master herbalist, she has helped thousands of people work to achieve their goals, gain clarity and transform their lives. Her mission is to inspire people to follow their dreams to live their best life now.  Her areas of expertise include:

* One-to-one coaching and problem solving
* Small group strategizing
* Consulting projects
* Seminars/Webinars
* Master Mind Groups

“…What She Shares has led to Serious Results.”

“There are very few people that I consult with and trust to get me to the next level.  She is on my shortlist of trusted experts and advisors.  She’s talented, sharp and honest in what she has to share.  And what she shares has led to serious results.  If you want to grow and become your best self, I fully endorse Jodi.”

- K. R.

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