Five Tips for Letting Go of Control Video

Many of us hold onto control and push for things to happen the way we want.  We expect outcomes if we apply pressure in situations, but often it's unproductive and stressful.  ...

Boosting Brain Health

Every brain changes with age, and mental function changes along with it. Mental decline is common, and we all want to find ways to boost function as we age. But cognitive impairment is not...

Getting Past Speed Bumps – Quick Message

Getting Past Speed Bumps – Quick Message

Accomplishing goals can be challenging, as we sometimes find it hard to change patterns or stay motivated and on track.  Jodi gives a quick message about moving past difficulties when achieving your...

How Happiness Feels

How Happiness Feels

Here's a quick look at some brief images of how happiness can feel.  It's about doing the things that matter to you and appreciating the beauty around you....

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