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"My mission: To help you breakthrough limitations, achieve your goals, get significant results and live your dreams."

What do technology, the bass guitar, Chinese medicine and the stock market have in common? Patterns.  Puzzles and Patterns.  Deciphering puzzles and patterns.

My journey has encompassed challenges in different areas.  Yet, one theme was a constant: deconstruct elements of a puzzle to understand the underlying pattern.  Then create an elegant solution and strategy to be easily implemented.

This is the formula for my success when coaching clients.

This is my story.


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My Story

By working with a number of companies in IT, including Levi Strauss, Nestle, Autodesk and Bechtel, I had to come up with stream-lined, efficient solutions to make technical systems profitable for businesses.

As a bass guitarist playing in bands, the patterns were intricately woven in the music scores that I played.  The goal was have precision while performing with the other instruments in the group to create a unified sound.

Chinese Medicine, specifically acupuncture and herbal medicine, led me to unravel the mystery of healing by observing patterns in people.  When working with a variety of health challenges, such as heart disease, pain, cancer support, digestive difficulties and immune system support, the key was associating patient patterns and actions with an outcome of positive—or negative results for their health.

Coaching became a key part of patient well-being.  When patients made positive choices in their personal and professional lives, it made a huge difference in their well-being. It was at that point that I decided to put more focus on coaching to help patients have more vitality, strength and amazing health in their lives.

By blending all these experiences together and highlighting the key elements of success, I developed a highly effective system of coaching to gain maximum results. Those results include partnering with clients to bring extraordinary meaning, impact and an abundance of joy to their lives.

The goal of coming out ahead of the stock market is a hobby and is perhaps one of the biggest puzzles yet to be solved.  As I study the patterns and activities of stocks and financials each week, I will let you know when I find the answer.

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“…What She Shares has led to Serious Results.”

“There are very few people that I consult with and trust to get me to the next level.  She is on my shortlist of trusted experts and advisors.  She’s talented, sharp and honest in what she has to share.  And what she shares has led to serious results.  If you want to grow and become your best self, I fully endorse Jodi.”

- K. R.