The mind is a busy with thoughts and we are either repeating thinking patterns throughout the day or on auto-pilot. As we know, the mind affects the body. If you are stressed in your mind, then that tension probably will be adversely transferred to the body.

One of the best things about meditation is that you have an opportunity to take a step back from life. You can witness your thoughts instead of identifying with them. During meditation, you will begin to understand how much movement happens in the mind and how little you live in the present moment.

You can observe your thoughts and perhaps begin to become aware of them, noticing patterns and themes. You can choose to let go of thoughts that are not serving you. This is the key to living with ease and in the moment to decrease stress and anxiety.

Here are some tips that will help any level of meditator.

  1. Find Your Space – Set up a meditation space that is calm, quiet, and not too cluttered.
  2. Find Time – Choose a time when your mind is normally calm, like the mornings, before you get carried away with the busyness of the day.
  3. Establish a Routine – Using the same time and place each day will create a space and routine. Then you will be able to relax into the practice more quickly.
  4. Be Comfortable – Sit comfortably, with your spine tall and your chin tucked down slightly. Make sure you are warm and supported by a wall or blanket if you need to.
  5. Remember to Breathe – Breathe deeply. Regulating your breath will help your mind and body to relax.
  6. Don’t Be Attached – Your mind will wander, thoughts will be jumping in. Allow them to pass by. Do not attach yourself to the thoughts. Acknowledge them and allow them to pass by.
  7. Observe without Judgement – Detach yourself from your thoughts. Be curious. See what comes up.
  8. Build Your Practice – You can begin to practice for ten minutes a day, building up your practice as you get used to it and find more stillness. Taking ten minutes or more to meditate in the morning will give you ease, awareness, and concentration throughout the day.