In episodes One and Two of this podcast, the panel of therapists and coaches will explore why so many women in today’s abundant world suffer from scarcity. Together, we will examine why many women seem to lack a sense of confidence, enough-ness, owning their brilliance, or viewing themselves with compassion and celebration. The panelists will share their insights to help rewrite false narratives about who you are and what you can achieve, give yourself permission to be seen and heard, grow beyond the fear and shame of surpassing, free yourself from old taboos about expressing your power, and come together in resonant support an inspiration. This program is for women who crave better possibilities for themselves and are looking for new and interesting ways to shift their lives toward greater versions of themselves.

Panel 2 Guests

Cynthia Gregory (, author, publisher, and creativity coach works with leaders to develop literary legacies in the form of personal histories, works of fiction, and professional memoirs. She is the author of “Journaling As Sacred Practice: An Act of Extreme Bravery, and What is Possible from Here.

Pia Darling ( guides inspired business women to unleash their soul’s calling and expand their impact. She expertly mentors’ clients to heal old traumas that hold them back, invigorate the passion that drives their purpose and land in heart-centered power.