Our work presents us with many demands which leave us feeling “over our heads” with the busyness of modern life. With family and personal needs added in the mix and a relentless pace, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The Women Empowering Women panelist address this issue and share alternatives to working harder and putting in longer hours in our job. Women Empowering Women (WEW) is a cohort of therapists and coaches. Their mission is to create and implement high quality, innovative programs that help women embody their power, passion, and purpose. The WEW panelists include:

Cynthia Gregory (cgregorycreativity.com), author, publisher, and creativity coach works with leaders to develop literary legacies in the form of personal histories, works of fiction, and professional memoirs. She is the author of Journaling As Sacred Practice: An Act of Extreme Bravery, and What is Possible from Here.

Ulrika Brattemark (SoulSistersForGood.com) is a time Management coach supporting heart-centered women solopreneurs. She is the author of “Time Alchemy – a dynamic and soulful approach to managing your time”.

Susan Kenny (susankennylmft.com) is a Somatic Psychotherapist that helps women heal by understanding and strengthening their mind/body connection. Through tracking and understanding the nervous system, she helps clients gain an understanding of themselves and what will help them thrive!

Pia Darling (piahealing.com) guides inspired business women to unleash their soul’s calling and expand their impact. She expertly mentors’ clients to heal old traumas that hold them back, invigorate the passion that drives their purpose and land in heart-centered power.

Gail Weiner, LMFT, has 35+ years of experience helping clients understand and transform their challenges, so they can create the life, and make the contribution they were born to make. The work taps into underutilized strengths, courage, humor and wisdom – combining the depth and precision of therapy with the practical behavioral tools of coaching. Schedule a complementary consult at: www.datewisenow.com.