Manuj  Aggarwal dreamed of making it big in business. As an immigrant from a developing country, he worked hard at building his skills at entrepreneurship and his own company.  He went from earning $2/day to the boardrooms of Fortune 500, Manuj is the founder of TetraNoodle Technologies, tech consulting firm, who has been listed among the world’s top AI leaders. His deep knowledge and experience in cutting-edge technologies, human psychology and neuroscience has helped him build systems that result in exponential growth – both for individuals and organizations.

AI technology is exploding everywhere and offers numerous benefits, such as enhanced decision making, automation and efficiency, the ability to analyze data and recognize patterns, streamlined operations and enhanced customer service. Manuj is dedicated to delivering AI-powered consulting and technology solutions to businesses who want to optimize people, processes, and technology.  His areas of expertise include innovation, enriching customer insights, becoming cost-efficient, and making more profits by harnessing the power of data.