Keith Nelson’s Dynamic Systems work crosses boundaries between Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Communication Disorders, Linguistics, Art Education, Dynamic Systems, Cognitive Psychology, Creativity, Environmental Toxins, and Evolution. I have been honored by two Fulbright Research Fellowships. His academic foundations include a B.A. from Harvard, Ph. D from Yale, and stimulating experiences as a collaborative faculty member at Stanford, Graduate Faculty of New School for Social research, and Penn State University.

He is the CEO of Eagle Spirits Creative Breakthroughs, which concentrates on books, software, workshops, courses, and consulting on Fostering Creativity in any field. Keith has written a book called “Breakthroughs: Realizing Our Potentials Through Dynamic Tricky Mixes” and includes simplistic strategies and tips to move on to their own creative breakthroughs. To get more information about his book, click