Andre has come a long way from his tough childhood days and former life as a professional dancer; he is now an inspirational relationship coach. Teaching has been one of his passions throughout his life, from teaching in Japan to Bangkok and all the way back. In 2006, he began studying the dynamics between men and women out of sheer curiosity, ultimately discovering something extraordinary. This discovery spurred Andre to spend time researching and became too powerful a message to keep to himself. His Project Equinox was created with the mission to share all the knowledge he had gained in the world.

Nowadays, Andre would be considered in the ‘third phase’ of his life, endeavoring to help change people’s lives around the globe by equipping them with the tools to have excellent communication skills and healthy relationships; he is determined to make a long-term positive impact. For more information, visit To get his free book or get a complimentary call, email and put irresistible book or talk now in the subject line.